AURELIA is targeting a boutique market where to present its signature designing innovative and environmentally friendly vessels. Its focus is on renewable propulsion ship designs, and on aerodynamic and hydrodynamic for wind propulsion.

    Green Concept Design


    • Tender documentation for shipowners and shipyards
    • Conceptual design, feasibility study and precontractual phase
    • Approval in Principle for new prototype designs
    • Technical and operational Renders
    • Analysis of alternative fuels, rotors, sails and solar panels made in catalogues for shipowners investment overview

        Naval Architecture


        • EEDI, EEXI and CII calculations
        • System diagrams for renewable fuels, including HAZID.
        • Analysis on alternative fuels on storage, weight impact, system integration, handling procedure plan and hazardous plan
        • CFD
        • Load Balance calculation for different operational profiles
        • Identification and choice of fuel cells
        • Calculation on Batteries
        • Schematic of the electric propulsion system
        • General Arrangement and Engine Room Plans
        • Single Line Diagram for the power supply
        • Schematics/system diagrams
        • – Ventilation system arrangement for fuel cell, battery, H2 storage/supply rooms
        • – Bilge and Fi-Fi system
        • – Fuel storage and supply P&I Diagram
        • – Cooling system

            Structural Design and Engineering


            • FEM analysis (local and global analysis) i.e. of rotors foundations
            • Design hull construction drawing (bottom structure, decks, longitudinal sections, cross sections)
            • Main hull and superstructure sections (incl. stern and aft)
            • Shell expansion
            • Scantling calculations, deflection calculations, longitudinal strength calculations

                System Diagram and 3D Piping


                • Renewable alternative fuel system, such as hydrogen systems.
                • Single-Line Electric Diagram.
                • Fuel storage and supply P&I Diagram.
                • Ventilation system, i.e. for fuels cells and batteries rooms.
                • FiFi system.
                • Bilge system, lubrication oil system, sewage and grey water treatment system, cooling system, hot and cold fresh water system, compressed air system.
                • 3D pipe modelling.

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