AURELIA believes in clean shipping.

We work toward having a green maritime environment by providing zero emissions and GHG reduction designs for shipowners.

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away, which is why Aurelia has been created from the ground up with every piece necessary to achieve high quality projects.



The new €17 million European E-Fuel project has started the engine

Aurelia together with 16 different partners between companies and researchers from Europe will develop and convert a bulk carrier to sail on climate-neutral fuels and green power.

Make international shipping climate neutral!


The Path to Net Zero Emission taken by AURELIA

We develop concept design based on our Naval Architecture expertise building in green technologies.

We advice shipwoners to comply with MEPC76, carbon intensity indicator, CII, and energy efficiency existing ship Index EEXI.

We support captain with CII polar diagram, intelligent advice system to help reducing CO2 emissions during navigations.


Innovative Prospective

Aurelia assist shipowners to go down to zero emission with a strong team of Naval Architects specialized in renewable fuels, battery, wind propulsion and solar panels for auxiliary power on board, aiming to have a clean future for us and for generations to come by designing and engineering vessels that runs on clean fuels and wind propulsion


Certificate of Approval in Principle (AIP)

We help shipowners to have green ships in their fleet being experts in:

  • Renewable fuel such as ammonia, hydrogen and methanol for newbuild and existing vessels.
  • HAZID zones for hydrogen and ammonia propulsion.
  • Wind propulsion adopting rotors and sails in our designs.


Meet the Team

Participation in the SNAME design competition: In the last 4 years, the UTN BA participated in the “DR. JAMES A. LISNYK STUDENT SHIP DESIGN COMPETITION” organized by the SNAME. In 3 of those 4 years of participation, the UTN BA obtained the first position in the competition. At least one member of this team participated proactively in all of the projects

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Build your Green Future

The high tech Aurelia design can support international and local shipyards and shipowners

in the tender and investment phase until the achievement of the approval in principle from class.


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